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Let your children receive a personally posted art activity pack to your door. Please check out the choices currently on offer. These activities have been designed to engage young minds in art-making processes, exercising their imagination and developing focus. The activities are also educational in nature as they relate to key elements in art for example working with textures, colour or form

 As a promotional offer to launch Arts on Wheels all activity packs are £5 each. 

All packs contain the pre prepared main materials and an instruction sheet with suggestions for further ideas

Superstructure Sculpture!   interactive postal project 

Your child can take part by becoming an artist painting, drawing and collaging discs that are sent to you by post. Add your own unique disc designs with patterns and pictures. You can either make your own mini sculpture OR the pieces can be posted back in the envelope provided ,when Arts on Wheels has received 100+ a superstructure sculpture will be made and exhibited on the website and social media. All our contributing artists will receive a certificate for taking part.

Cardboard discs, pre paid envelope and instruction sheet provided

You will need paints, pens, magazines or crayons for this activity

Tin foil figures

This activity is all about making in 3D. Once your child has mastered the main figure making technique on the instruction sheet they will be able to create a whole town of foil people. The figures can be posed in different ways and dressed with threads and felt. 

You will only need scissors

evei 2.jpg

Bird Collagraphs  (printing from collage)

Enjoy exploring different textures through collaging on to bird templates. When the collage is glued and dried you can make a collagraph print and see how the textures transfer on to paper. The pack contains different papers and materials that have interesting surfaces

You will need scissors,paint and glue.

bird collagraph.jpg

To buy packs please send an email to Include your address ,child`s name and which packs you require. Please pay via PayPal


activities also soon to be on offer......

wheel weaving

design a picnic bag

please email any suggestions!!

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